Domestic Money Transfer API

Domestic Money Transfer API for your Portal and Application

We are providing Rest based API for Domestic Money Transfer . Using our Money Transfer API , you can easily integrate Money Transfer Service in your existing or new Web Portal, Mobile Application or any kind of system in a very easy way.

Why Exioms Domestic Money Transfer API ?

Easy money transfer facility is available for India to any bank account.
Using Money Transfer API you can make your own remittance portal. It can help you to get started your own Money Remittance portal for domestic money transfer service.
We Have a strong backend support & Database through our Best services.
No need of Any investment to start online money transfer business.
Single E wallet - No need to maintain seperate stock for each money transfer, you can use your Recharge Wallet for Money Transfer also.
Working capital depends on your daily transactions.
No minimum deposits and balance maintenance required
We are providing response in CSV, XML and JSON Format so based on your requirement you can fetch format for particualr request.

How Domestic Money Transfer works?

Sender shall have a valid mobile number (Non KYC).
Sender needs a valid ID Proof for higher sending limit (KYC Customer)
Receiver shall have a bank account in any bank at any city in India
Sender does not require bank account. It can be done Through our wallet
Sender shall know the Bank account number and IFSC code details of Receiver

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