Money Transfer/Remittance

Domestic and International Money Remittance

Exioms Money Remittance solution allows you to roll out domestic and international remittance services through a cost-effective which supports cashless model. Our platform can be easily integrated with other global remittance providers like Money-Gram, Western Union.

We have built in KYC and anti-money laundering features to meet regulatory requirements. Our Money Transfer platform enables service providers to offer an affordable, secure and reliable transaction process to their customers.

Mode of domestic and cross-border money transfer

  • Mobile-to-Mobile transfer (M2M)
  • Mobile-to-Bank transfer (M2B)
  • Mobile-to-Cash transfer (M2C)

Key Features

  • Exchange rates
  • Multi-party settlements
  • Multiple pricing models
  • procedures whereas processes
  • Collect KYC data
  • Limit order
  • Margin management
  • Custom module as per country standards